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Rubber Hex Dumbbells

The handles are shrink-wrapped to keep the ends from fraying and provide your hands with a great grip. In conclusion, this gear is TOUGH and STRONG!

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Arden D.

Great value, easy to use, comfortable.

Great value, easy to use, comfortable.Got mine in purple and debated the zero gap and the AB-5200. While conservatively rated at only 700lbs, I'm not anywhere close to hitting that...and, I suspect, like the AB-5200, this be

Seated Calf Raise Machine

Greg A.

Great online shopping experience. Website

Great online shopping experience. Website is easy to navigate and all items have great descriptions, pictures and reviews to comb through

About Synergee

We are a fitness company for people who are humans first and athletes second. We know working out isn’t your full-job; but it sure feels amazing to lift something heavy when you come home from your 9-5. We recognize that fitting in a workout between kids’ pick-ups, drop-offs, meals, and bedtime can be a challenge; but with reliable and affordable equipment made to fit your unique lifestyle, it can happen. We understand a home gym means a heated and decked out garage for some, and pushing the coffee table aside to make space for burpees for another; and we’ve got equipment to suit both, and everything in between. We are for full-time moms, dads, spouses, role models, caregivers, students, teachers, emergency services personnel who need fitness to be convenient, empowering, and help them lead healthier, and happier lives.

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