5 New Year Resolutions: & The Synergee Tools You Need To Keep Them

by Vikki Schembri
5 New Year Resolutions: & The Synergee Tools You Need To Keep Them

2020 has been a doozy. As we look forward to - hopefully - a better year ahead, we may start to think: “What do I want to do with the next 365 days ahead of me?”

The Synergee Team hopes we can take away the stress out of mustering up goals by providing a list of very doable Fitness Resolutions for 2021! Plus, we will also include the Synergee Equipment that go along with these goals!

Of course, the goals can be adjusted to be as introductory or ambitious as your heart desires! But first and foremost: setting a goal and immediately acquiring the tools you need to make them real is setting yourself up for success.

Here are some ideas to keep yourself aiming higher and getting stronger every day of 2021!


This resolution could be: run a 5 K; run a 5 K without stopping; run a PR 5 KM; run a 5K race/fundraiser; run a 10 K, 20 K…

Really, setting any distance for an endurance activity and then working towards it is a GREAT way to spend 2020!

If you focus on ONLY running, you’re probably going to get bored. If you get bored and unmotivated, chances are you won’t achieve your goal.

Plus, if you are new to running, nervous about the impact it could have on your shins, or hoping to condition your strength as much as your cardio, then we have the PERFECT equipment for you!  

This gear will help you increase your aerobic capacity while conditioning your strength and agility. And they'll keep you excited and motivated!:

Battling Ropes

Hexagonal Speed & Agility Rings

Skipping Rope


Holding a 1-minute (or longer) plank is an awesome party trick and an equally awesome sign of strong core strength.

Since your core is the central link that connects your lower and upper body, dedicating some of your 2021 attention to it will have very worthwhile impacts on your fitness as whole!

Testing your core strength and improving it by setting a plank hold goal is GREAT! 10/10 RECOMMEND! Or, challenging your core strength with any gear that adds instability is perfect for 2021. 

To get there, we suggest you use the following tools:

Core Mat

Core Sliders

Indian Clubs



To be your fittest, healthiest, happiest self, you need to think about sleep!! Optimizing your sleep will have positive impacts on your physical and mental health and better your quality of life.

To improve your sleep, the National Sleep Foundation suggests you exercise everyday and practice a nightly bedtime ritual.

Choose activities to do before bed that don’t require screens and are aimed at slowing down, lowering your stress, and reducing your anxiety.

Stretching and mobilizing offers a perfect opportunity to loosen your muscles before sleep: reset your mind and your body with a good stretch followed by an even better sleep every night!

The following equipment is perfect to keep in your bedroom for your pre-sleep stretch routine! The early bird may catch the worm… but the stretching sheep catches the most Z’s 😉

Mini Bands & Power Bands

Yoga Rings


Saying you are going to exercise every single day forever and ever amen is a recipe of over-training and burnout.

Setting a minimum number of days you want to workout that is achievable and sustainable.

To help with this goal, acquiring some equipment that will let you workout __ number of days under nearly any circumstances is awesome!

Emergency workout equipment that is portable and potent is key. Having this equipment within reach during the workday, while in transit, or at home – along with a set of workout clothing – will ensure you meet this goal every week!

Here is some of our favorite equipment for workouts anywhere & anytime:


Mini Bands & Sliders



If I had a dollar for every time I said, “I NEED to be more organized” and then proceeded to do ZILCH about it… I’d have a whole lot of dollars!

Organization in all areas of your life will save you time and stress. In your gym, especially, organization will stop yourself from getting frustrated before your workout starts. Use that energy busting out reps, instead!

It is scientifically proven that organization boosts productivity. A more organized space results in more efficient workouts and helps you sustain your motivation.

The following Synergee Gear will get your gym equipment out of your way and in the right place:

Dumbbell Rack

Kettlebell Rack

Accessory Rack

Olympic Weight Plate & Barbell Rack

LET'S MAKE 2021 OUR BEST YEAR YET - or at the very least, better than 2020?!?! We got this, Athletes!!!