Holiday Wish List: Synergee Gift Guide!

by Vikki Schembri
Holiday Wish List: Synergee Gift Guide!

‘Tis the season to spend money! Fa la lalala laaaaa!

If the holidays are about anything, it’s celebrating friends, family, good health, and an awesome year… and trying to outdo one another by gifting the best gifts EVER!

We’ve compiled a list of our equipment that will allow you to easily find gifts according to your budget! All the gear listed will make your children, parents, friends, grandpa, teacher, coach, WHOEVER say, “YOU’RE THE BEST!”

Yeah, you’ll have the holidays on lock with this gear… let’s get into it!

Stocking Stuffers: Under $20

Got a friend who has expressed that their New Years Resolution is to get into shape? Why not provide them the tools they need to get strong & flexy?

It’s our most accessible equipment in terms of price, but also ease of use! Compact, portable, easy on space, and especially awesome for anyone looking to start working out who might not have a large dedicated space for big equipment just yet!

Fun fact – one of our Synergee Athletes reached out to tell us she works with Seniors and one of her 85-year old athletes LOVES using our Sliders for lunges!

Hear that, Grandma and Grandpa?! I know what YOU’RE getting for Christmas!

Something for Everyone: $20 - $50

Fifty Buckaroos goes a long way here! You can buy someone a piece of Conditioning, Strength, or Storage Equipment.  

There is something for everyone on our Synergee Website under $50: lifting friends, gymnastic-loving friends, organization-obsessed friends, that one friend that always loses the remote to their Synergee Timer!

Heck, you could even get your Gym Buddy a set of Aluminum Collars ($24.95) and a Weight Belt ($24.95) and you still would be under $50. Check out these goodies.

WAY Better – And HEAVIER – Than A Lump Of Coal: $50-$100

Ok, moving up in weight here a bit. These gifts are for that person who is already pretty committed to fitness and looking to add some new toys to their workout repertoire.

Help those on your Christmas list add some excitement and pizzazz into their workout routine by providing some new and challenging pieces they might not have yet!

Everything on this list has the potential to be their favorite Christmas present of 2019, and their favorite new workout tool of 2020.



OK, Someone Call Santa – These Athletes are on the NICEST NICE PEOPLE EVER LIST: $100-$200

These pieces are for the Athletes on your list that eat, sleep, and breathe the gym! Everything on here will make 2020 their fittest & fastest year yet!!

Plus these people have obviously been super duper good this year – no naughtiness in sight – to deserve this incredible gear!



All I want for Christmas is GAINS: $200 +

Ok, at this price point, we’ve got mostly barbells and weight sets!

This is perfect for someone who is dedicated to working out and looking to outfit their home or garage with the gear they need. They're ready to make the plunge from gym-goer to gym-owner -- can you help them answer the call?!

These gifts will allow them set up their home/garage gym to make their goals and gains closer to home and more accessible!


Extended Holiday Returns & Financing Options


Now until Dec 24th, your purchases are covered by our extended No Sweat Guarantee! So returns can be made – FOR FREE, as always – until January 31!

Plus, we have financing options available through Affirm (USA) and Pay Brightv (Canada).


(NOTE: These prices are from as of December 6 2019. Prices are subject to change and these listed cannot be used for price matches)