How To Perform The Perfect Inversion With Your Yoga Chair

by Vikki Schembri
How To Perform The Perfect Inversion With Your Yoga Chair

Performing inversions in your yoga practice can do wonders for your back, shoulders, and core – and it looks super cool. But, if you are new to the yoga scene, going upside down can be scary! That’s where our Yoga Chair comes in…

The Yoga Chair can be used for seated, standing, and inverted poses. The T-cushion can be added or removed for your movements – and for the inversion, the T-cushion will be removed.

To get into an inversion/headstand, complete the following movements:

Step 1:

Kneel in front of the yoga chair, facing the open portion of the chair. Place your hands on the wooden legs and bend forward to place your head in the center of the cushion.

Step 2:

Shift your weight from your knees to your feet. Lift your hips up. Walk your feet towards the chair to get into a pike position, preparing your hips to move up and back.

Step 3:

In a slow and controlled manner, bring your legs towards your body, tucking your knees towards your stomach using your abs. Point your toes.

Step 4:

Slowly bring your hips up and back and continue pointing your toes, angling them towards the ceiling as you adjust your hips.

Step 5:

Engage your core as your hips go over your shoulders and your knees hover over your elbows.

Step 6:

Keeping your core tight, extend your legs by leading with your toes. Create a straight line from your head to your toes in the inverted position.

Ensure your body is a straight line, extending upwards through your toes. Do not lean too forward or too back, as this can place unnecessary pressure on your back and neck.