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Synergee Single Leg Squat Roller Stand
Synergee Single Leg Squat Roller Stand
Synergee Single Leg Squat Roller Stand
Synergee Single Leg Squat Roller Stand
Synergee Single Leg Squat Roller Stand
Synergee Single Leg Squat Roller Stand
Synergee Single Leg Squat Roller Stand
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Synergee Single Leg Squat Roller Stand

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Synergee Single Leg Squat Roller Stand

The Synergee Single Leg Squat Roller Stand allows you to perform split squats more comfortably than ever before! This stand will encourage you to perform more single-legged squats, which are stellar for giving you better range of motion, recruiting your stabilizer muscles, building core strength, and more! Your legs will love the gains!

This rack is welding from 15 gauge steel to create a strong base for your foot to rest on. An adjustable foam-covered pad sits securely to support your foot and moves with your natural squatting motion when force is applied. Rubber feet are set to keep the stand in place, no matter the flat surface it is placed on.

The Synergee Single Leg Squat Roller Stand weighs 27lb; stands 29.5” tall on a 21.5” x 24” base; and has 10 different heights in 1" increments for athletes of all sizes. Tall athletes, small athletes, come one come all and split squat till you can’t no more!

Squat Stand Guide

Dimensions 24" x 21.5" x 29.5"
Height Options 10 with 1" increments
Material Steel


Muscular imbalances can result from neglecting unilateral movements, and THAT can lead to injury. Stave of injury and build strength with movements like Single Legged Squats for strength, stability, and control. That’s what this stand is built for!


The foam footrest takes away the awkward bending that usually comes with single legged squats. When force is applied, this foot rest rotates with your foot and ankle’s natural movements to let you squat smoother, deeper, and more comfortably


Setting up the Synergee Single Leg Squat Stand is quick and painless! Instructions and all hardware are provided. And adjusting for your required height or between multiple athletes is easy peas: unscrew, pull, and adjust pins to the right height!

Squat Stand Specs

Brand Synergee
Dimensions 24" x 21.5" x 29.5"
Height Options 10 with 1" increments
Weight 27lb
Roller Length 13"
Roller Material Foam
Stand Material 15 Gauge Steel
Finish Sleek Black Powder Coat


With a twist and a pull, you can adjust the height of your Single Leg Squat Stand do suit you perfectly! When it is at the right height, lock the pin securely in place so you can feel confident with every squat.


The state-of-the-art roller pad makes challenging squats more comfortable and effective. The roller pad cushions your foot. Note: it does not spin freely. Instead, it moves when force is applied during your squat for controlled & smooth range of motion.


The last thing you want is to chase your Squat Stand while one of your feet is suspended in the air! The rubber feet on the stand keep it securely in place, letting you stay focused on grinding out those reps!



You might notice that, when you squat, one leg feels stronger than the other. This is a sign of a muscular imbalance.

Performing unilateral exercises can help fix this because they force you to lift the same weight with each side independently. Essentially, each side is forced to pull its own weight. Single leg squats – or Split Squats – are perfect for this!

Of course, you still need to be wary of your lifting technique – i.e. you might complete a squat on your right side with perfect form because it’s stronger, but then use momentum to complete the same number of reps with your weaker left side. This will not fix your imbalance. Focus on form to become strong and symmetrical! Symmetry RULES!