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Barbell Maintenance Cleaning Kit
Barbell Maintenance Cleaning Kit
Barbell Maintenance Cleaning Kit
Barbell Maintenance Cleaning Kit
Barbell Maintenance Cleaning Kit
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Barbell Maintenance Cleaning Kit

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Our Olympic Barbells are meticulously designed to last a long time; but you can make them last even longer with proper maintenance! Every other week use this Bar Maintenance Kit to keep your barbell in peak condition.

This Bar Maintenance Kit provides all the tools you need to clean your barbell. This kit includes:

  1. 3oz 3-in-ONE® Brand Multipurpose Oil
  2. Nylon Bristle Brush
  3. Snap Ring Pliers (optional)

Regular bar maintenance includes cleaning the outside of the bar. The pliers come in when you disassemble for cleaning the interior of your bushing barbell.

Note: Synergee is not responsible lost hardware while disassembling a barbell. And the interior clean is only for bushing – not needle bearing – barbells. We also recommend wearing safety glasses and gloves, especially when cleaning the interior.

How to Clean the Exterior of Your Bars:

  1. Pour a small amount of 3-in-ONE oil onto the shaft of your bar.
  2. Use the dry nylon short bristle brush to rub the oil into your bar and brush out the extra chalk/dead skin/debris stuck in the knurl.
  3. Let the oil soak in for a minute.
  4. Wipe off any excess oil and chalk with a dry towel or rag.

How to Disassemble and Clean the Interior of your Sleeves:

  1. Grip the outer snap rings by the hole with your pliers. Hold your hand over the end of the barbell in case the snap rings spring free. Pull the outer snap ring off.
  2. Pull the end cap out. You can shake the sleeve to loosen.
  3. Use your pliers to pull out the inner snap ring. Again, hold your hand over top.
  4. Hold your hand underneath the end of the sleeve and push the sleeve back to expose the end of the bar. Pull off the washer, shim, two half moon washers, and the final full washer.
  5. Remove the sleeve. You make need to turn it to get it to move. Pull it forward off the bar and set it to the side.
  6. Wipe away old lubricant and any dirt or chalk off the shaft with a clean rag. Do the same to the bushings at each end of the sleeves.
  7. Pour some the 3-in-ONE oil at each point on the sleeve where bushings contact the shaft. No oil is required between those two spots.
  8. Replace the sleeve: slide it back onto your barbell, give it a spin to spread around the lubricant. Push it slightly further back so to expose the end of the bar so you can put the washers back in place.
  9. Place the full washer, 2 half moon washers (fit them into the groove at the end of the shaft, hold them in place, and slide the sleeve forward/over to keep them in place), the shim, and finally the first full washer onto the end of the bar.
  10. Use your snap ring pliers to gently push against those pieces to ensure they are all back in place.
  11. Place your inner snap ring (it has a more rectangular shape around the holes than the outer one) back into the sleeve. Grab it with your snap pliers at the holes; squeeze it. Place your hand over the end of the bar as you put it back in place, in case it springs loose. Snap it into place.
  12. Spin the bar to ensure everything is working properly.
  13. Place the end cap onto the end of the bar, and then reattach the final snap ring.