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Synergee Adjustable Weight Bench with Barbell Rack
Synergee Adjustable Weight Bench with Barbell Rack
Synergee Adjustable Weight Bench with Barbell Rack
Synergee Adjustable Weight Bench with Barbell Rack
Synergee Adjustable Weight Bench with Barbell Rack
Synergee Adjustable Weight Bench with Barbell Rack
Synergee Adjustable Weight Bench with Barbell Rack
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Synergee Adjustable Weight Bench with Barbell Rack

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Synergee Barbell Rack & Weight Bench

Our Barbell Rack and Weight Bench takes all the hassle out of bench pressing at home! Small footprint, easy storage, multi-functional: it is a one stop shop that doesn’t break the bank and brings all the gains.

Let’s talk features: first, obviously, the bench. The flat bench can be set and locked in place with pins to stand 15" off the ground. You can load your bar and set it in place for safe, seamless bench press sets.

Want to pair those presses with dips? This Rack can do that too! Handles are set behind the Bar Rack to provide a spot to perform dips. The Bench can also be transformed for incline presses by adjusting/lowering the front leg. Or, flip your body around, strap your feet into place using the included Velcro foot holds, and perform inclined sit ups!

This bench is the perfect option for anyone starting their home gym, new to benching, and looking for the best bang for their buck. With a 330 lb weight capacity (includes users body weight), this rack is perfect for beginner and mid-level lifters. It was made for those athletes looking for a versatile piece of equipment to take their home gym to the next level.

Barbell Rack & Weight Bench Guide

Color Black
Foot Print - Unfolded (L x W) 42.5" x 28"
Max Capacity 330lb (Includes Users Body Weight)


This Bench and Rack combo needs to be part of your home gym starter set. For those new to benching, you will max out before this bench and rack does! Plus, with a dip station, a decline bench, and incline sit up features, the value clearly outweighs the investment.


The Bench and Rack will stand firmly for a safe set up when it’s being used or when it’s being stored! Your bench will stay in its set position thanks to the placement of locking pins. These pins slide in and out of place easily during adjustment; and stay firmly in place when needed!


Get the ultimate arm session with a press and dip combo! Handles extend 5.5” immediately below the barbell holders so you can perform dips unobstructed by the bench in front of you.

Barbell Rack & Weight Bench Specs

Brand Synergee
Max Capacity 330lb (Includes Users Body Weight)
Color Black
Foot Print - Folded
(L x W)
17" x 28"
Foot Print - Unfolded
(L x W)
42.5" x 28"
Pad Thickness 1.6"
Material Steel
Weight 30lb


Our Bench and Rack are extremely easy to set up and tuck away, thanks to the expertly designed & smooth moving components. Instructions are provided, and the folding technique is intuitive. Get a full benching experience with less hassle, bulk, & clutter.


This Bench and Rack combo has a 330 lb total weight capacity. Note, this includes your body weight when you are benching. Athletes and their bar, combined, should not exceed the weight limit of the bench & rack.


Your bench can sit flat or in an incline position. Changing the angle you bench press at helps you hit different muscles for a well-rounded workout! The adjustment is simple and fast.



Yes, you should be benching!

Everybody can benefit from the Bench Press! Whether you are preparing for a Lifting Meet or you’re just training for life, training your chest muscles is important for everyday, functional movements: pushing a grocery cart, throwing a ball, getting up when you fall down, and many more movements you do on the daily would benefit from perfecting moves such as the Bench Press.