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Synergee Farmers Walk Straps
Synergee Farmers Walk Straps
Synergee Farmers Walk Straps
Synergee Farmers Walk Straps
Synergee Farmers Walk Straps
Synergee Farmers Walk Straps
Synergee Farmers Walk Straps
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Synergee Farmers Walk Straps

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Synergee Farmer Walk Straps

Ready to become a lean, mean, farmer-carrying machine?! Our Synergee Farmer Walk Straps weigh in at under 3 lbs and provide an unfathomable amount of versatility and value for such a small and compact piece of gear!

These straps arrive in pairs. They are made from tightly-woven nylon and feature a textured rubber handle for comfortable grip, and a carbon alloy buckle to hold the weights in place. These Farmer Carry straps are compatible with 1” and 2” opening bumper plates; heck, you can even use them with kettlebells! The strong yet flexible nature of the nylon makes them capable of suiting your workout, your gear, and your needs. Use them in your home or pack them in your gym bag; they travel easy and pack a punch!

Each strap can hold up to 200lbs for a 400 lb total farmer walk carry. That’s a lot of weight! This gruelling & rewarding exercise will transform your workouts into a challenging and functional sweat session!


Our Farmer Walk Straps are fitted with carbon alloy buckles to lock your weights in place for the duration of your workout! Instructions are provided in the box and on our website to walk you through the proper steps to secure the weights.


These straps fit the weights you’ve got! The nylon will be able to fit through a 1” or 2” opening. This feature is unique to this style of farmer carry handles, and makes them perfect for athletes who travel between gyms with different weight plates. One-size-fits-most straps make gains more accessible than ever!


Make your gruelling farmer walk carries as comfortable as possible with the use of the rubber handles! Each strap is fitted with a textured rubber handle that fits nicely in your hand and helps you avoid any unwanted tension or pinching on your grip.

Farmer Walk Strap Specs

Brand Synergee
Handle Weight 1.5 lb Per Handle
Handle Diameter 1.3"
Handle Length 5.1"
Max Capacity 400 lb
Tested At 200 lb Per Strap
Strap Length 8'
Strap Width 1.5"
Strap Material Nylon
Handle Material Rubber
Color Black


Tall athletes, small athletes, we’re calling all athletes! These straps can hold a lot of weight at a height that compliments your center of gravity. Adjust as needed between athletes. These straps will provide the perfect fit for your workout.


From your shoulders down to your calves, weighted carries will challenge your whole body! Using these Farmer Walk Straps will improve your stability, give you a strong core and back, and improve your proprioception. With 400 lb total capacity, you’ll get a great workout from head to toe!


Our Synergee Farmer Straps are designed to hang by your sides comfortably, in line with your legs, and in a position that keeps your wrists, elbows, and shoulders stacked. The instability of the straps adds a unique challenge for your core that provides even more opportunities for gains!



Farmer’s carries have so many benefits! Coach Magazine describes them, including:

“developing a strong core brace, which ensures the spine remains neutral by protecting against both shear and compressive forces; enhanced proprioception (your sense of where your body parts are positioned), because you must move with the load while maintaining a braced core; increased willpower and focus, because loaded carries are tough to do; and, of course, muscle growth because of the extended period of muscular tension, especially in the upper back, forearms and legs”.

These are all awesome things. You should do farmer walks. And you should do them with these Farmer Walk Handles.
Comparison Chart
Farmer Walk Bar Compact Farmer Walk Handles Farmer Walk Straps
Farmer Walk Handles Compact Farmer Walk Handles Farmers Walk Straps
Compatible Plate Opening 2" 2" 1" or 2"
Total Capacity 800 lb 600 lb 400 lb
Material Steel Steel Nylon