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Synergee Lat Pulldown Machine
Synergee Lat Pulldown Machine
Synergee Lat Pulldown Machine
Synergee Lat Pulldown Machine
Synergee Lat Pulldown Machine
Synergee Lat Pulldown Machine
Synergee Lat Pulldown Machine
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Synergee Lat Pulldown Machine

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Synergee Lat Pulldown Pulley Machine

The Synergee Lat Pulldown Pulley Machine is a one-stop-shop for gains. With a 250 lb weight capacity, 3 different exercise zones, adaptable loading pins, and multiple handles, you will not regret adding this machine to your home gym set up.

The Synergee Lat Pulldown Machine is a free-standing cable machine. It has 3 distinct zones for different workouts. The Top Exercise Zone provides a Lat Bar for pull-downs. Plus, a removable seat can be installed and quad rollers can be put to use if you want to perform them seated. The Mid Exercise Zone is the spot to perform weighted crunches, made extra comfortable by the padded harness with handles that’s included with the machine. The Lower Exercise Zone provides everything you need for standing rows, seated rows, curls and kick back. The handles provided with this machine are interchangeable, so you can set them at the height you need for your unique workout routines. Plus, the universal attachment points means any other cable workout handles can also be used on machine.

This machine is 58.3” (L) x 24.2” (W) x 77.0” (H). It comes with loading pins and adaptors to hold 1”- and 2”-opening weight plates. The pulley system is made with premium nylon cables and the structure is constructed with 11 gauge steel to provide a strong, sturdy workout station. This commercial gym-level piece of equipment will allow you to reach new levels of fitness from your own home.


This Pulley Machine is made with premium nylon cables and 11 gauge steel to provide a 250 lb weight capacity and a machine that won’t quit. Lift heavy and lift often knowing this machine can support every rep, and it’s got tons of capacity to accommodate your growing gains!


This Pulley Machine provides a padded seat that you can use for crunches, pull downs, and more! It can easily be installed or removed; so it’s there when you need it, and gone when you need to utilize that space for other workouts. The seat is comfortable and integral for getting effective reps in.


This harness has got it all: handles for a comfortable grip, padding to protect those shoulders, universal attachment point to clip in or remove with ease. It will make you WANT to do core work! This harness makes crunches comfortable and allows you target your core with less strain than traditional crunches.

Pulley Machine Specs

Brand Synergee
Capacity 250lb
Dimensions 58.3" x 24.2" x 77"
Plate Compatibility 1" & 2"
Lat Bar Included
Curl Bar Included
Material 11 Gauge Steel
Color Black


Get those lats, delts, and traps working in the Top Exercise Zone! The top portion of our Pulley Machine provides a Lat Bar for wide or narrow pull downs. Do them standing, or add the cushioned seat to perform them seated.


Clip in the Crunch Harness and lock in that seat: it’s core crunching time! Add weight to the loading pins and activate your core by utilizing the Mid Exercise Zone on this Pulley Machine. A strong core is integral to strength gains overall!


The Lower Exercise Zone provides you with the widest range of exercises: it’s got a straight bar to perform standing rows and curls. Or, sit on the floor with your feet on the lower platform and knock out some seated rows. This Zone can also be a spot for leg workouts like kick backs and leg curls.

Comparison Chart
Synergee Lat Pulldown Machine Synergee Wall Mounted Pulley Machine
Lat Pulldown Machine Wall Mounted Pulley Machine
Capacity 250 LB 200 LB
Compatible Weight Plates 1" & 2" 1" & 2"
Wall Mounted No Yes