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Carbon Neutral Shipping
Carbon Neutral Shipping

As we work towards achieving our own physical health, we need to look out for our planet’s environmental health, too!

We’ve partnered with Shopify to offer Carbon Neutral Shipping and build a more sustainable business. Join us in reducing the Synergee’s emissions and supporting carbon removal technologies with every purchase you make!

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More About Our Partnership With Shopify

Carbon Neutral Shipping

Shipping can be a big source of carbon emissions. Through our partnership with Shopify and Planet, we calculate the carbon emissions of our orders’ shipping from warehouse to your front door. Then, we offset it by matching that with impactful carbon catching and storage processes; thus, providing a net-zero carbon emission shipping process!

Carbon Removal

We’ve partnered with Shopify, and Shopify has partnered with climate entrepreneurs worldwide, allowing us to take a collaborative approach in the fight against climate change. Our partnerships allow us to support gold-standard carbon-capture technologies through the Shopify Sustainability Fund. We support technologies that remove CO2 from the atmosphere and store it via reforestation, soil carbon sequestration, direct-air capture, and mineralization.

Why Carbon Removal?

With every shipment, we are committed to removing carbon from the atmosphere and restoring the earth’s natural atmospheric balance. Direct-air carbon sequestration involves taking CO2 molecules out of the air, breaking the carbon out of them, and then turning that into something that will never re-release its carbon into the atmosphere! Carbon removal can help mitigate the problem of climate change retroactively; which is something our planet desperately needs!

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