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Synergee understands why fitness equipment needs to be affordable, accessible, and reliable because we’ve been family-owned and family-focused from the start.

Synergee Founder and President, Joey Huneau, started this business to support his family of five; and to encourage families across North America to keep their families close and bring their fitness goals closer!

Joey saw a need for home gym equipment that fit people’s homes, budgets, and lifestyles. As a busy family man himself, he wanted a fitness equipment line that didn’t make you choose between supporting your family and pursuing your fitness goals. He saw an opportunity to create new go-to for home gym warriors: a place to get versatile, easy-to-store, affordable and – most importantly - effective equipment. And so, Synergee was born!

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Joey, his wife Katie, his two daughters Harper and Hazel, and his dog Alvin love making time for life’s small, special moments. And that can be hard between work, family chores, and making time for fitness! Having fitness equipment that fits your house, workout preferences, and lifestyle can make it easier to make time for family barbeques, taking kids to the park, being there for bedtime, and everything in between.


Joey’s commitment to core, family values has helped establish Synergee’s esteemed reputation in the fitness world. It’s about more than selling fitness equipment: it’s about strengthening relationships and setting an example for our next generation. Family and friends that workout together, stay together; and Synergee’s equipment allows for loved ones to sweat, have fun, and stay healthy together.


The Synergee Team goes to great lengths to keep up-to-date with the latest home workout gear. Our inventory selection and design is driven by our goal to help families have quality equipment at budget-friendly prices in the comfort of their own home, whether the home gym is the corner of a living room, basement or a garage! We prioritize equipment that is effective, storable, and versatile to help you get the most out of your gear, your gym space, and your workouts.

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