Free Weight Packages From Synergee

by Joey Huneau
Free Weight Packages From Synergee

Increase your strength potential with free weight packages from Synergee. These versatile equipment sets can help you make progress towards your fitness goals from the comfort of your own home.

But you don't have to settle for a basic dumbbell set. To maximize your workout options, you may want barbells, plates, kettlebells, and more. No matter your goals, free weights are an essential addition to any home gym.

With consistent discounts from Synergee, it’s easy to get everything you need for your fitness goals without breaking the bank. For any order of $750 or more, you get 10% off the entire purchase plus a $50 gift card. Savings like this make it easy to get all the equipment you need in one bundle.

Getting Started With Free Weights

First things first: You need a rack.

While you can lift weights without one, a power rack gives you several options for lifts and a great place to store your bar between sets. All workout options aside, it’s worth investing in some type of rack for the safety benefits alone.

Our Power Rack with Pulley System is a great option for athletes looking to safely enhance their workouts. Featuring a pull-up bar, barbell holder, a dip station, and a T-bar attachment, you’ll have a full body workout station in just 44.5" x 51" of space.

If you’re on a budget (or you don’t think you’ll ever need the versatility of this power rack) could opt for a squat rack instead.

With either option, you’ll also need a bench. It’s essential for bench presses, seated curls, and much more. Synergee’s Adjustable Incline/Decline Bench opens up a ton of position combinations and doesn’t take up much space in your home gym.

Now, let’s look at our 5 best free weight packages to make good use of your new rack/bench setup.

1. The Standard Free Weight Package

Our standard free weights package features the pure essentials for weightlifting, prioritizing space and versatility. This package is best for athletes just starting out or seeking a streamlined home gym experience. You’ll be able to perform squats, presses, Olympic lifts, and more with this arrangement.

  • Synergee Open Barbell (15KG): One of our most popular picks, this bar is a lifting classic. Featuring a 150K psi tensile strength rating, 1.2mm diamond knurling, and a max load of 1000 lbs, you won’t be outgrowing this bar anytime soon. Silicon rings will help you identify plates, and two needle bearings per sleeve (four total) will help you stack all the plates you need for your routine. Safety straps are included for an optimal at-home experience.

  • Synergee Standard Metal Weight Plates (260 lb Set): No barbell is complete without plates. The best value option is the 260 lb. set of metal plates (our top recommendation for new home gym setups) because it allows you to scale up and add more weight as you proceed toward your goals. Our 160 lb. set is great for most athletes just starting out. But you’ll probably outgrow that set faster than you think. You never want to be caught with insufficient weight when you’re ready to move up to the next level.

  • Synergee Aluminum Barbell Collars: Barbells collars are essential with any bar and plate set — but we made them even better. Our lightweight aluminum, clamp-style collars are easy to use (no more annoying springs to mess with). Plus, the rubberized lining makes for a more reliable grip.

With the Synergee standard discount, the final price for the Standard package ranges from $750 to $1050. You’ll also receive a $50 gift card and free shipping.

2. The Intermediate Free Weight Package

This package is for athletes who may be planning to spend more time in their home gym or perhaps have more advanced goals. These pieces are selected for efficiency, space, and versatility. You’ll be able to place things on the floor during circuits, as well as easily increment weights in your curls, squats, and deadlifts.

  • Synergee Open Barbell (20KG): The open barbell makes another appearance in this set, but this time with a bit more weight. Featuring a 150K psi tensile strength rating, 1.2mm diamond knurling, and a max load of 1000 lbs, this bar is designed to meet your needs at just about every stage. Silicon rings will help you identify plates, and two needle bearings per sleeve (four total) will help you stack all the plates you need for your routine.

  • Synergee Standard Metal Weight Plate (260 lb Set): As always, the 260 lb. set of plates is your best pick for the value it provides, especially if you’re looking to stack more weight on the bar. With a sleek design and easy-to-grip ledge, these metal weight plates are a classic edition to any home gym.

  • Synergee Aluminum Barbell Collars: This set wouldn’t be complete without a pair of aluminum barbell collars to keep your plates secure. They’re easy to clamp on and lightweight for your convenience.

  • Synergee Rubber Hex Dumbbells (2.5-25 lb set w/ Rack): Made from high-quality steel and durable cast iron with rubber-coated ends, these dumbbells are made to last a long time. With steel-covered chrome handles, you’ll always be able to maintain a sure grip throughout your workout. The set also includes a small rack with adjustable shelves to fit any size dumbbell, so you’re totally ready to set this up in your home gym. While this 2.5-25 lb dumbbell set may be a bit smaller than others, it’s a fantastic way to supplement your barbell workouts or your cardio routines. It’s also a lot cheaper than buying a huge set of dumbbells. Over time, you can build up your collection with heavier weights if you choose.

With the Synergee standard discount, the final price for the Intermediate package ranges from $1500 to $1800. You’ll also receive two $50 gift cards and free shipping.

3. Dumbbell and Kettlebell Combo Package

Maybe you already have a barbell and a set of plates, or maybe you just don’t want them right now. If so, this free weight package is for you. Dumbbells alone can be used for a variety of lifts. They can also complement your other gear depending on the routine. But kettlebells are sometimes overlooked, even though they can work out nearly every muscle in your body. Here’s a simple free weight combo that lets you work on your squats, cleans, curls, and get-ups.

  • Synergee Rubber Hex Dumbbells (5-50 lb Set w/ Rack): Dumbbells are a classic for a reason — they can be just as effective as barbells for overhead presses, curls, and more. Our 5-50 lb set also includes a large rack with adjustable shelves to help you organize them. With this set, you don’t have to worry about tripping over them (or any little people in your house hurting themselves).

  • Synergee Cast Iron Kettlebells (80 kg Set): These handy free weights took off in popularity in the 2000s, partly due to the popularity of Crossfit. These weights are designed to work several muscle groups at the same time due to their off center of gravity. The 80kg set will give you an excellent starting range of weights to choose from. With five kettlebells in a variety of weights (starting at 8kg), this set is convenient to store and perfectly suited for slowly working up to your goals.

With the Synergee standard discount, the final price for the Dumbbell and Kettlebell Combo package ranges from $1800 to $2100. You’ll also receive two $50 gift cards, plus free shipping.

4. The Ultimate Powerlifting Package

For powerlifters, it’s all about the results. We’ve specifically designed this plateau-busting free weight package to help you see results over and over again. With this combination, you can deadlift, slow lift, press, curl, and much more.

  • Synergee Rhino Powerlifting Barbell: Our top pick for powerlifters is the Rhino Powerlifting Barbell, built to truly handle all you can lift with a 190K PSI pressure rating. This steel bar features volcano knurling in the center, with a set of powerlifting marks in place to help you achieve the perfect grip. With less whip and no bearings, this rigid barbell is made to be used by powerlifters pushing their limits.

  • Synergee Hex Trap Bar: If you’re looking to specifically practice deadlifts (or just want to switch it up), the Synergee Hex Trap Bar adds another layer of complexity. This bar is designed to center the body’s midline during lifts. You’ll avoid putting excess strain on your lumbar spine and target your quads while still staying safe from injury.

  • Synergee Bumper Plates (260 lb Set): Your choice of plates truly depends on your goals. For powerlifters lifters constantly increasing their maximum weight, bumper plates are the way to go. Our bumper plates allow you to drop the bar if you need to bail out of a lift. But our plates are designed with low bounce. That means you don’t have to worry about a wild barbell chase across your home gym. We recommend the 260 lb bumper plate set so you have plenty of options.

  • Synergee Rubberized Fractional & Change Plates: When going for a new personal best, every half-pound (or quarter-pound) matters. With the ability to add fractional plates in even smaller increments, you’ll be able to increase your max weight over time.

  • Synergee Aluminum Barbell Collars: You always need a pair of barbell collars to secure your plates. But we’ve done away with the old-school spring style collars. Our lightweight, aluminum collars are designed for ease of use, with a rubberized inner lining for more reliable grip.

  • Synergee Rubber Hex Dumbbell (5-50 lb Set w/ Rack): The final touch for the Powerlifting Package is our 5-50 lb dumbbell set (with a large rack included). Dumbbells are ideal for lower intensity days and making sure you don’t lose progress when you’re tired or injured. Our rubber hex dumbbells are treated so they don’t wear down. They’ll also match your other Synergee equipment!

With the Synergee standard discount, the final price for the Powerlifting package ranges from $2500 to $2800. You’ll also receive three $50 gift cards and free shipping.

5. The Complete Free Weight Package

Looking for a well-rounded workout? Look no further. There are more free weight options in this package than in any other. We’ve included our top free weight selections to stock your home gym with the equipment you need to work just about every muscle in your body. Feel free to add on additional features and equipment to suit your individual needs. But you’ll be covered for your deadlifts, squats, bench presses, curls, and much more.

  • Synergee Regional Barbell: For lifting, we’d recommend our bestselling Regional Barbell. It’s designed to be a good all-around barbell for just about any lifter, with a diamond knurl and 1500 lb. capacity to help you go the distance.

  • Rhino Powerlifting Barbell: Alternatively (or additionally), you could get the Rhino Powerlifting Barbell, which is specifically designed for powerlifters who put a lot of stress on their bar and use it daily with heavy weights.

  • Synergee Bumper Plates (260 lb Set): Our 260 lb set of Bumper Plates will give you plenty of weight options. Don’t worry about bounce either — our bumper plates are designed with low bounce, so you can safely drop weight without dodging a flying plate.

  • Synergee Rubberized Fractional & Change Plates: Our fractional plate set will help you drill down even more, adding weight in small increments when you’re working to increase your max weight.

  • Synergee Rubber Hex Dumbbells (5-50 lb Set w/ Rack): Our 5-50 lbs. dumbbell set is an essential addition to any home gym. With a wide variety of dumbbells, you can work any muscle with increased focus and supplement your cardio routines with lighter weights. This set includes a large adjustable rack with three tiers of storage to keep this sleek set of dumbbells organized and out of the way.

  • Synergee Cast Iron Kettlebells (160 kg Set): There’s no better way to work hard-to-reach muscles than with a complete set of kettlebells. The off-center weight forces your body to work groups of muscles you might miss in a standard workout. Having a range to work with allows you to switch up your routine, arrange circuits, or practice different exercises.

With the Synergee standard discount, the final price for the Ultimate Free Weight Package package ranges from $3100 to $3600 (with free shipping). You’ll also receive a $50 gift card for every $750 you invest in your home gym.

Other Home Gym Essentials

After your home gym is all set up, you need a few more things to really tie the room together. Once you’ve purchased one of these free weight packages, you’ll have some $50 gift cards on hand to help in that effort. Here are our top picks for final touches to compliment your home gym’s free weight section.

  • Synergee Weight Plate Storage Pegs (Pair): Don’t forget a pair of wall-mounted storage pegs for your plates to keep them organized. These pegs are angled slightly upward to keep plates from sliding off and can be easily arranged on your wall for any style of organization.

  • Synergee Kettlebell Storage Rack: Even a smaller set of kettlebells can take up a lot of floor space. To keep from tripping over these heavy, cast-iron orbs during your workout, use this bleacher-style rack to store them how you like. Plus, it’s perfect for smaller spaces at 60” x 20.5" x 26”.

  • Synergee Deadlift Jack: Tired of lifting inside the power cage? Maybe you want to deadlift in the middle of your floor (so you can watch your form in a mirror). This jack will help you load your bar with the amount of weights you need by keeping the bar off of the floor.

  • Synergee Foam & Rubber Flooring: You’ll also want to add some rubber flooring to your home gym to protect your floor from dropped weight and your body from continuous impact (especially if you’re working out on a hard garage floor).

  • Synergee Vertical Barbell Wall Storage Racks: If you have multiple barbells but not much space to store them, our vertical barbell storage racks are perfect. By mounting the rack to the wall, you can easily keep your equipment off the floor and out of the way.

  • Synergee Resistance Power Bands / Mini Bands: When you’re ready to switch things up (or if an injury forces you to get creative), our Power Bands and Mini Bands come to the rescue. These handy pieces of equipment will help you add resistance during lifts, enhance curls, or help you challenge yourself to keep balance during lifts (safely).

  • Synergee Adjustable Ankle/Wrist Weights: Like the Power Bands, the adjustable ankle/wrist weights are helpful for adding weight in a safe and meaningful way. They’re perfect for enhancing your cardio workouts or performing rehabilitation exercises.

  • Core Sliders: These add-ons will help you brace during lifts or other exercises to ensure your overall safety. They’re designed with a smooth and hard side to work on both carpet and hard/smooth floors.

Buy Now, Pay Later – Finance Your Free Weight Package

Dropping a large sum of money on any weight package at once is difficult, especially when you have a family to feed, mortgage payments to make, or other responsibilities. But don’t compromise on your workout goals just yet. You can have all your home gym equipment now and pay off your free weight package in easy-to-manage installments over a 3, 6, or 12-month period.

Synergee offers 0% interest on 3 month payment plans as a promotion and benefit for our customers. On plans longer than 3 months, interest rates vary from 5% to 30%, depending on your credit.

There is no deferred interest. There are no hidden fees. Your equipment is shipped to you as soon as you check out. You can pay off your monthly bill with a debit card or bank transfer using Affirm’s financing portal.

To finance any of these free weight packages, just add all the equipment to your cart, and check out. Enter your name, email, and shipping information, then proceed to the payment screen. Instead of entering a credit card, click “Affirm - Pay Over Time.” Once you click “Complete Order,” you’ll be directed to Affirm’s website to see if you qualify for financing and complete your purchase.

Why Buy From Synergee?

At Synergee, we get the struggle. We know that trying to cram a workout in between pick-ups, drop-offs, meals, and bedtime can feel impossible.

That’s why we build reliable, affordable equipment that’s designed to work with your lifestyle — so you can take care of your family and still make time to take care of yourself.

Our company is family owned and operated, and building home workout equipment is part of our origin story. Our team is committed to helping all of our customers live healthier, happier lives. If you need convenient, high-quality workout equipment for you and your family — look no further than Synergee.

Not Sure What to Get? Don’t Sweat It

When you have a family or other responsibilities, investing in home gym equipment is tough. That’s why we offer our no sweat guarantee. Making sure you’re satisfied with your experience buying and using Synergee products is our #1 priority. Our shipping, returns, and warranty policies allow you to try our products risk free.

Free and Green Shipping

If you go with any of these free weight packages, you don’t have to worry about the shipping cost — that’s on us.

All of our deliveries are also carbon neutral. By partnering with Shopify and Planet, we calculate the carbon emissions of each order that ships from our warehouse to your front door. Then, we offset it by matching that with impactful carbon catching and storage processes.

Flexible Return Policy

If you aren’t satisfied with your purchase for any reason, you can return any piece of your home gym package to us within 30 days. We’ll pay for the return shipping from your home anywhere in the United States or Canada and give you a full refund or replacement.

A Warranty Policy Built For You

We also offer warranties on all products (and specific parts for products) ranging anywhere from 90 days to a full lifetime warranty, depending on how you use it. We understand wear and tear happens to everything, but there’s no reason that proper cleaning and use should completely tear down any product you buy from us. If it’s defective or it doesn’t work as described, we’ll replace it.

Build Your Home Gym With Free Weight Packages from Synergee

No matter what your fitness goals are, we’re here to help you achieve them.

Whether you’re a dumbbell devotee or a kettlebell fan, free weights are an incredibly helpful part of a complete workout. There are plenty of free weight options for any type of workout. All you need to do is invest in equipment that pushes you toward your goals.

But you need high-quality equipment that fits with your lifestyle and your budget. That’s why Synergee exists. We make it easy for you to find quality equipment that won’t quit out on you. Through research and testing, we’ve developed the best equipment designs possible, and we bring it all to you for a fair price.

Start building your dream home gym. Browse our selection of free weights today.