1 Box, 5 Exercises: And Not One Of Them Is A Box Jump!

by Vikki Schembri
1 Box, 5 Exercises: And Not One Of Them Is A Box Jump!

Plyo Boxes are big and bulky. And if you can only imagine yourself doing box jumps on them, it may be hard to justify the money and space they require.

But what if I told you… you can do WAY more than box jumps?! Plyo boxes are incredibly valuable tools. While most gyms and workouts only bring them out for jumping, they can actually be brought out for numerous other exercises. Actually, entire workouts can be based solely off of them! Today I will introduce you to 5 exercises you can complete with your plyo box. Whether you have our Synergee Wooden Plyo box, Soft box, or Non-Slip box, all these exercises can be done with the one you've got!

Bulgarian Split Squats

  • Stand 2-3 steps away from your box, facing away from it. Reach your right foot behind you and place it on the box. The "shoelace" part of your foot will be resting on the top of the box.
  • Lower your body into a lunging-type position, ensuring your left knee tracks over your foot (not out to the side) and you should still be able to see your toes over the top of your knee on your left, out-in-front leg. Keep your core engaged and torso upright throughout.
  • Stop descending when your left thigh is parallel with the ground.
  • Pressing into your left heel and squeezing your glute, push up to rise to the start position.
  • Complete all the require reps on one side before switching to the other and completing the same amount of reps.

Feet-Elevated Push Ups

  • Start in the push up position with your hands on the floor, arms extended, and your toes on the box behind you. Start with the box in the lowest/shortest position.
  • Keeping your core engaged and squeezing your glutes, lower your body down to bring your nose to the floor. Your chest may or may not touch the ground – do not touch the ground if it requires you to break your core-tight position.
  • Push up powerfully to return to the starting position.

Elevated Hip Thrusts

  • Lie on your back with your heels on the box, arms by your sides, and tuck your pelvis so the small of your back is against the ground. If you can, set your box at a height that allows your shins and hips to be perpendicular to each other.
  • Pressing your heels into the box and using your glutes, raise your hips until your body forms a straight line from your shoulders to your knees.
  • Slowly lower to the floor, again using your glute muscles.

Weighted Step Ups

  • Stand in front of your box like you are about to perform a box jump. But, do it holding a dumbbell in each hand (start at a low weight and go up if it is too easy).
  • Place your left foot onto the box and press up through your left foot to step up onto the box. Try not to sway to the side or collapse as you step up – if this is happening, the weight is too heavy. Keep your shoulders pinched back and your abs contracted throughout this movement, like you would during a farmer carry.
  • Bring both feet to the top of the box to stand on top, fully extended.
  • Send your right foot back to step down off the box and return to starting position.
  • Perform the same movement, leading onto the box with your right foot and down off the box with your left. 


  • Facing away from the box, reach your hands behind you to place them on the edge of the box. Set them shoulder-width apart, fingers pointed toward your body.
  • Walk your feet out until your legs are straight, keeping your hips close to the box and your torso upright.
  • Keeping your elbows close to your body, bend your arms so your entire body lowers toward the ground. If this is too difficult, bring your feet closer, bend your knees, and use your legs to assist in the movement.
  • Press palms into the box and push your body back up to the starting position to complete the rep.