2 Home Gym Essentials That Will Transform Your Workouts!

by Vikki Schembri
2 Home Gym Essentials That Will Transform Your Workouts!

The popularity of home gyms is sky rocketing!

Amid the widespread transition to at-home workouts, athletes have been clamoring to get the right weights/bars/benches/sliders/resistance bands into their hourses… and 2 very essential pieces of gym equipment have been overlooked in the process!

To make your at-home workouts as safe and efficient as possible, we recommend these two pieces of gear above all else:

Yes, two of the most important pieces of gear for your at-home workouts are pieces that create an atmosphere conducive to an intense, effective, and easy-to-clean-up-afterwards sweat session.

Synergee Flooring allows you to protect yourself, your floors, and your equipment! And the Synergee Gym Timer helps you stay on track as you work towards your goals.

Both pieces help reduce distractions and intensify your focus on the finish line during each and every workout.

FIRST: The Foam & Rubber Flooring

Most people DREAD the idea of bringing equipment into their homes because one of their biggest fears is their hardwood floors will get ruined!

While it is true that bars, dumbbells, and skipping ropes don’t pair well with hardwood (or tile or concrete, for that matter!); high density foam & rubber flooring provides the perfect surface to perform your squats, sit-ups and skips! And our Flooring is made of JUST THAT!

One order offers a generous 24-square feet of coverage to suit your individualized needs!:

  • If you are using a spot in your house that needs to transform back into a living room/kitchen/study/etc., our puzzle-style flooring is easy to set up and take down in select areas when you need it; OR
  • If you are lucky enough to have an entire room or garage dedicated to working out, a more-permanent wall-to-wall coverage will work swimmingly, too!

No matter your space situation, flooring provides a comfortable space to work out and adds a layer of protection and durability to the surface below.

The more comfortable and safe you feel when you workout, the more you can focus on going faster, heavier, or squeezing in one more rep!

And just like the Hokey Pokey... that's what it's all about! 

NEXT: The Gym Timer

Having an easy-to-use timer that is dedicated to your workout programming is a sure-fire way to intensify your focus and reduce distractions. 

Sure, using your phone works; but it can also encourage you to check Instagram, snap a selfie, or answer an email when you should be working out.

Having a Workout Timer encourages you to spend time thinking about how much weight you want to add on your barbell; not what a #fire #lit caption should go with your Gym Selfie!

AND, it might even keep you from taking a long-than-necessary rest. THE CLOCK NEVER LIES AND IT SHOWS NO MERCY!

Adding the dimension of time to your workouts will make you work harder. Zone into your workout; and zone out of everything else going on around you. The countdown feature on our Timer will draw you into the workout vortex in 3 – 2 – 1!

The Synergee Gym Timer, in particular, is extremely useful because it is:

  • easy to use,
  • highly visible,
  • remote-controlled, and
  • has crisp, clear beeps that can be heard over your music.

If you have a big garage or you are looking for a commercial-sized Timer, the Large is perfect! Want a small one for your living room/study/gym hybrid room? We have a small-sized clock at  2” x 8.5”! Need something in between? Our Medium timer will do the trick. 

Make your gym space work for YOU!

Don't waste energy squishing yourself into an uncomfortable or motivation-draining workout area - make a change! Make it work for your workouts!

Synergee Foam & Rubber Flooring and the Synergee Gym Timer are 2 ESSENTIAL pieces of gym equipment that will help you achieve that!