3 Components Of A Workout Program That WORKS!

by Vikki Schembri
3 Components Of A Workout Program That WORKS!

Are you tired of the diet cycle? The workout cycle? The cycle of getting excited, motivated, and ready to change your life… until 3 weeks go by and you’re back where you started?

Perhaps you’re missing a few key components. In today’s blog, we’ll go over 3 KEY components for achieving and maintaining those gains! Whether it’s getting stronger, fitter, faster, more toned, more bulk… these 3 ingredients are absolutely necessary for your fitness success!

#1: A Workout Routine

Seems pretty obvious… but having a workout routine is essential to succeeding with your fitness goals. Expecting to go the gym and just throw weights around willy nilly and then go home with gains is expecting a lot.

Revisit our blog post about self-sabotaging actions that might be ruining your workouts to see if your exercise routine is strategic and working for you! Also, talk to an exercise expert or a professional to make sure your workout program links up with your goals.

Of equal importance: do a workout routine that INTERESTS YOU! If you want to be outside, get equipment like our dumbbells, resistance bow, or agility rings that allow you have fun in the sun while you sweat! Want to be the strongest person you know? Invest in a Power Rack, Games or Rhino Bar, and your favorite Weight Plates!

Your workout routine will require work in the planning as well as the execution; and if you do it right and plan accordingly, your workout routine will work for you in return!

#2: Good Nutrition

You can’t run away from nutrition – literally! If your nutrition isn’t a priority, you’re going to feel it in your workouts and see it in your progress. No amount of running, deadlifts, squats, or sit ups can undo a diet that doesn’t prioritize your health. Plus, it may be why your recovery isn’t improving and your motivation wanes.

No one diet fits all. Find an eating schedule that works for you and your lifestyle, and finding the foods that fuel you may take some trial and error.

You can always invest in some professional coaching; for example, our sister company Superior Bakes offers remote nutrition coaching guided by Nutrition Typing (i.e. figuring out what foods work for your unique body chemistry) to get you closer to your goals!

#3: Accountability

Having a friend, family member, or coach that you check-in with or that calls you out when you skip your workouts is one of the best things you can do for your workout routine! Of course, choosing someone that wants you to succeed is essential; someone who motivates you and encourages you to hop back on the horse when you fall off.

Many of our athletes share their progress by tagging us on Instagram at @synergeefit and we love sharing their progress! We also invite you to comment on our Workout of the Week posts to let us know how you did on them. Sharing progress with others – in person or virtually – can keep you accountable and striving to be better with every workout!