5 Reasons Why A Home Gym Is The Best Kind Of Gym

by Vikki Schembri
5 Reasons Why A Home Gym Is The Best Kind Of Gym

Oh, Home Gym. Beautiful, glorious HOME GYMS!

You’re probably on this very site because you have a home gym and are looking for toys to add to it. That, OR you are hmm-ing and haa-ing about whether you should start building one.

This post is directed at the latter; but current home gym-ers, stick around! A little confirmation bias never hurt nobody – let’s reaffirm your belief in the superiority of Home Gyms!

Plus, these arguments will come in handy if you are trying to convince your roommates, parents, partner, or children that you should dedicate some of your living space to working out! 

As you browse our beautiful powerlifting bar, peruse our gorgeous sandbags, and study our magnificent Indian clubs, I am sure you can think of WAY more than 5 reasons why having a Home Gym is so awesome. If you think of anymore, feel free to add them to the comments below!


Unless you consider yourself or anyone else you invite into your Wo/Man Cave a bozo, you will create a bozo-free environment where common sense and effective workouts can reign supreme!

No more waiting to use the squat rack because someone is curling in it – but hey, if you feel like doing that, your secret bozo-tendencies are safe with me! You make the rules here! #nojudgement

Squat (or curl) when you want to because you own that bar and rack and they are intended for YOUR use! You can create an effective and comfortable atmosphere, play the music you want to play, and arrange your gym to be conducive to your workouts.

Your gym = optimal equipment selection = your rules = you are the king/queen of the Gains Castle!

No compromises necessary! No bozos holding you back!


Yea, that was meant to sound kinda gross. Not everyone who goes to the gym prioritizes cleanliness and hygiene. And that’s their own prerogative… until you share a dumbbell with them.

Some people refuse to stay home from the gym even when they are coughing up a lung. Although you may keep your hands away from your mouth and other orifices, you might have scrapes or cuts or hangnails that come in contact with equipment, opening up your body up to those unwanted germs. EW.

You DO NOT have to deal with this in your own home gym!

You can be as strict or lax on cleanliness as your heart desires. You will know when the equipment was last cleaned, who used what last (spoiler alert: it was probably you), and you can control the spread of germs.

And on the topic of unwanted exchanges – no more creepy “Need a spot??” offers!!!!!


Where is your nearest gym? How long does it take you to drive/walk/bus/bike/sashay there; park; check in; change; and be ready to workout?

Do you spend an extra 20 min packing a gym bag with clothes and snacks, and then cart said-inconvenient-bag around all day?

No more of that!

Now your travel time is the distance from one room to another. You can get changed – or heck, strip down to your skivvies to get a workout in! Your gym, your rules, remember? #stillnojudgement

You can get a 15 minute workout done in 15 minutes at your home gym, instead of over an hour at your local gym once travel, changing, waiting for your equipment, and chatting with Brad or Brit in the changeroom is all done.

You’ll miss less training days because you’ll have less excuses when it’s too cold/rainy/sunny/whatever outside to get to the gym!

Plus, if you want to get a workout in while watching your favourite show, kill two birds with one stone! Throw on Yummy Mummies or Game of Thrones or whatever it is you’re into and get some reps in as you watch your schedule luxuriously open up!

Spend precious minutes of your life doing what you love: getting after those gains! … and watching Yummy Mummies 😉


What would you rather deal with: a one time payment for your own forever equipment and ownership, or monthly charges with sneaky cancellation fees?

There are a lot of awesome gyms out there in the world, but most gyms expect you to pay and not show up.[1]

Plus, think about what you are paying for. Gym fees include overhead fees (which you are already paying for at home with your personal living situation) and maintenance fees for equipment and services you may not use.

You probably have your five favorite pieces of equipment that you use regularly; and yet at a gym, you are paying for every machine, smoothie maker, towel, sauna, etc. and the heating and electricity bill that you don’t necessarily use at the gym.

How do you avoid these unpredictable gouges to your bank account?

YOU GUESSED IT! Build your own home gym!

The $40 a month gym membership might look real nice compared to a the price of strength and conditioning equipment, but if you’re signing up for an annual membership you’re going to pay $480 by December and with initiation fees you can pay up to $800 for your first year.

Buying gym equipment that is your own, ready to use and easily accessible, and protected by warranties and No Sweat Guarantees will save you money and get you gains in the long run. Stay in control of your hard-earned money!


Treat yourself to a safe and healthy space to go after your personal fitness goals! You deserve it! Really, you do!

Create a personal oasis in your own home where you can be a little selfish: work on your six pack, go after that new 1RM back squat, sink into Downward Dog, or find your happy place with music blasting and adrenaline coursing through your veins.

Creating a space in your own home where you make the rules and do something for yourself free of other’s judgement or opinions is empowering.

A home gym can be a place to build your physical and mental fortitude; a place to escape everyday stresses without needing to leave your house; and a place to celebrate everything your body is capable of and work towards your goals.


A home gym isn't going to give you a six-pack overnight, but it is an incredible resource for sticking to your personal fitness goals.

It allows you to save time and money, make less excuses, and achieve levels of fitness-greatness in the comfort of your own home. You are in control of your entire fitness environment in your home gym, and it's an incredible gift to give to yourself (and whoever you share it with).

Until next time, athletes! Keep sweating, smiling, and crushin' your goals!