6 Awesome Ways To Use Our Awesome Resistance Bands

by Vikki Schembri
6 Awesome Ways To Use Our Awesome Resistance Bands

I will write until I am blue in the face (or fingers?) about how awesome Resistance Bands are!

In case you missed it: they help with calf pain & tightness; a 10 min workout to get you a gorgeous gluteus; and certain Power Band moves will strengthen your rotator cuff to stave off injuries.

Furthermore, if the mini band workout you can do in the passenger seat of a car didn’t demonstrate that resistance band workouts can be done LITERALLY ANYWHERE; well, I’m not sure what will!

And yet – some of you still don’t own mini bands.

I’m not mad. I’m just disappointed.

Not at you; but for you.

Because you are missing out on using an incredibly awesome tool!!

Whether you are new to working out or been doing it for a while, Mini Bands and Power Bands alike are perfect for warmups, workouts, modifications, and cool downs.

Here are 6 ways you can use Resistance Bands to reach your fitness goals. Essentially, 6 reasons why – if you don’t already – you should definitely own some bands!

1. Banded body weight/gymnastic movements can help you perform them unassisted

I've written about resistance bands on this blog so often that I lose count! Power Bands were also featured in our blog post about achieving a your first ever strict pull up!

Banded pull-ups, push-ups, ring dips, and muscle-ups are great for working the muscles necessary to execute the standard movements in the future!

As well, performing banded exercises can provide an awesome warmup and get all the right muscles firing. For example, slinging a mini band around your legs for some body weight squats will get your glutes prepared you for squats with some weight on the bar.

Whether it’s a long-term goal (like hitting your first pull-up) or a short term one (hitting a PR in today’s squat session), the Power and Mini Bands are here to move you through the movements so you can do them safely and properly!

2. Modify for Deload/Active Recovery Workouts

There are some days where the body aches and the barbell/dumbbell/kettlebell feels heavy before you lay a hand on it.

If you're feeling like this, you would benefit from a deload or active recovery workout!

Sub weighted squats or presses for band work. For example, perform banded front squats by stepping in the band with your feet hip width apart, and holding the top of the band in your hands with your arms in the rack position. Perform your squats.

Low intensity exercises are great for minimizing stiffness and discomfort, promoting blood flow to your joints, and helping with fatigue; while also giving your body some rest.

As well, any physiotherapist will tell you mini band and power band movements are great for rehabilitation exercises and for injury recovery! Of course, if you are recovering from an injury, be sure to ask your physiotherapist what exact movements are good for your particular situation!

3. Modified Movements for New Athletes

Bands are especially great for new athletes! If someone is unfamiliar with barbells, dumbbells, and kettlebells, introduce them to resistance training with the bands!

You can still get an awesome workout in without swinging 100 lbs around. Fighting against the band’s resistance is a great way to introduce new athletes to exercise that will leave them wanting more! With a range from light to heavy resistances, the bands are perfect for any level.

4. Big Gains for Gyms requiring Spacial Efficiency

Each mini band is a 12” loop and 2” wide. Each power band is a 41” loop and is anywhere from 0.5” to 1.75” wide. These bands are small on size and big on capacity.

You can perform hundreds of exercises and be sweating in seconds with either set of resistance bands – and you could do it all in a few feet of space. Plus, they are super durable - don't worry about wearing them out! 

Power and Mini Bands are especially useful for people who co-opt their living room to be their gym and require something that can be taken out for a workout and disappear when not in use.

As well, it can be extremely useful for commercial gyms who want to include a variety of exercises to their athletes without compromising workout space with bulky equipment. The Bands can be hung on an Accessory Rack (see ours for an example) and stay off the ground and out of the way when not needed.

Light, compact, portable, and easy to stow. Win-win-win-WIN! 

5. The Best Travelling Gym

Afraid of losing your gains when you go on vacation? Or worried about getting a blood clot while sitting on a plane/in a car for all of eternity on your way to your vacation? Me too! 

Bands to the rescue!

Again, you can do workouts in the car – as seen in this past blog post.

The bands weigh mere ounces and will take up a small amount of space in your carry on – especially when compared to a dumbbell!! And they will allow you to workout, whether you have access to a hotel gym or not: workout on the beach, in your Air BnB, wherever!

They’re awesome to have on hand at home for days you're forced to take a staycation at home, too. When you get snowed in, or your car’s in the shop, or your kid is sick, and having these bands ensures you can still get a great workout in on the days when you can’t make it to the gym at all!

6. Workout Alone Safely

Maybe I worry more than the average person; but when I am working out alone at home, I tend to stay away from overhead movements with weight.

I picture myself working to exhaustion, dropping the bar, bonking myself on the head, and waking up 2 days later with a concussion.

Far-fetched? Perhaps. But I have also seen enough YouTube bloopers to know it’s not completely off base!

Meanwhile: working out with Power Bands or Mini Bands alone? My anxiety and worried brain is at ease!

Save for that time I missed my foot and slingshot-ed myself with my Power Band on a banded pull-up, there is very little room for injury! No need for a spotter. I can push myself to exhaustion without fearing the consequences that come with dropping heavy weights!

Especially if your workout space is near where your kids hangout, these bands are ideal. They are light and safe for young ones to be around. But like most things that aren’t food, just keep them away from kids’ mouths!

Really. They’re Awesome.

Having these bands on hand, in your bag, or at your home, garage or commercial gym is an obvious, smart choice.

There are a lot more than 6 scenarios in which mini bands and power bands are the best equipment. If you have one in mind, share them in the comments below!

Keep up the great work, Awesome Athletes!