Conquer Box Jumps With THIS Resistance Band Workout

by Vikki Schembri
Conquer Box Jumps With THIS Resistance Band Workout

Can I admit something? I HATE jumping. I hate broad jumps. I hate the jump at the end of a burpee. And most of all, I hate box jumps.

The reason I hate jumping is – like most things I hate, mind you – I am not good at it! I am not a confident jumper.

If you are like me, we have two options:

  • We can continue to pout and groan whenever jumping movements are included in a workout. OR… 
  • We can work to improve our jumps so they become more palatable. By gosh, we might even end up liking them!

If we work on this weakness and embrace the suck for a weeeee bit, perhaps we can come out on the other side with more confidence, more air and more efficiency.

The workout we will go over to day is designed to improve your vertical jumps. With repeated use, it will make box jumps an exercise you can do with confidence!

This workout primarily uses Resistance Bands – along with a few other pieces of gear!


MOVEMENT #1: Banded Jumps

This move requires 2 power bands, 2 anchor points, and a lifting belt.

Thread the Weight Belt through the Power bands, set a band at each hip, and then cinch the belt closed.

Bend down and anchor the hanging portion of the Power Band to something on the ground. You can place a 80-100 lb dumbbell on either side and through each band to anchor the Power Bands.

Once they are anchored, stand up. There should already be some tension on the bands. They should be hanging down from your waist and towards the ground like an upside-down V.

With the bands pulling you towards the ground, complete 5 jumps, jumping AS HIGH AS YOU CAN. Do not cycle them: instead, jump, reset your feet, then jump again.

After completing 5 BANDED jumps, remove the belt and complete 5 UNBANDED jumps. Again, jump as high as you can. 

Rest 60 seconds. And then do 4 more sets of 5 banded, and 5 unbanded!

MOVEMENT #2: Banded Pull Throughs

This movement requires 1 Power Band and 1 anchor point.

Anchor the band around a pole, under a heavy dumbbell, or on the leg of a stable piece of furniture. The band should be set at hip height or lower.

Straddle the power band, grab the end with both hands, and walk forward until there is tension on the band.

Keep your knees soft, hinge at your hips, send your butt back, and the band should be pulling your hands back and through your legs. Keep your back straight, like you are at the bottom of a kettlebell swing.

Squeeze your glutes and push your hips forward to bring your body up to standing. Do not pull with your arms – they should be straight down and relaxed, but holding tightly onto the power band at your groin area.

Fully extend your hips to pull against the band.

Return to the bent position.

Complete 10 reps, and 5 sets. Rest 60 seconds between sets.

MOVEMENT #3: Monster Walks & Squats

This super-set requires Mini Bands OR double-folded Power Bands.

Loop the mini band (or loop a power band TWICE) around your legs. Place the band just above your knees.

Hold a quarter squat with your legs at hip width apart.

Perform a lateral walk 10 steps to the right, maintaining the quarter squat and keeping tension on the band. Moving slower is better than moving fast in this movement!

After completing 10 steps to the right, complete 5 banded squats.

Then, complete 10 steps to the left. Complete another 5 banded squats.

Rest 60 seconds between sets and complete 5 sets total.