From Drab To Fab: Revamp Your Home Gym With This Gear

by Vikki Schembri
From Drab To Fab: Revamp Your Home Gym With This Gear

Having a Home Gym is a great way to ensure you can let your fitness flag fly for the foreseeable future. Pandemic or not, having the right tools in your home or garage can make it easier for you to stick to your goals and stay consistent.

As you build your home gym up, it’s easy to get excited about the dumbbells, the barbells; the yoga chair; the gymnastic rings… all the gear you can lift or toss or pull up on! What fun, look at all the possibilities they hold!

But do you get excited about organization gear? No?

Well, you should!

Organization IS Fab, I Swear!

Clutter is distracting, frustrating and bad for fitness.

Did you know it is scientifically proven that organization boosts productivity? While most of the research is centered around workspaces, we’ve seen firsthand how this over to the fitness and gym world, too!

Save yourself time and stress; reduce clutter; and stop yourself from getting frustrated before your workout starts so you can use that energy busting out reps instead.

And by storing this equipment, you protect it from being damaged; you make more space for working out; and it just looks GOOD!

For example, have you ever had a better sleep after you cleaned all the clothes off your bedroom floor?

Isn’t it easier too make yourself a delicious meal in a clean kitchen versus a dirty, cluttered one?

I cannot overstate how much an organized gym space will improve your motivation, workouts, and focus!

What Have We Got?  

Better question – what DON’T we have?!

Our line or organization and storage equipment can be viewed here

We’ve got the gear you need for kettlebells and dumbbells! Options for storing your barbells vertically or horizontally; in singles or in collections. Plate storage that requires installation, and plate storage the requires NO installation!

Whatever you have in your home gym, we have a storage solution for it. 😊

What are you waiting for?

So now that you've read all that - I want you to close your eyes and imagine what your home gym would look like with top notch storage.

If every piece of equipment had a spot to go; 

If no barbells or plates were rolling around;

Now, open your eyes, head to the Storage Collection page on our website, and get yourself some new home gym organization gear!