No Bar Required: 4 Strength-Building Workouts With Just A Weight Plate!

by Vikki Schembri
No Bar Required: 4 Strength-Building Workouts With Just A Weight Plate!

If you find yourself with bumper plates but no bar... do not fret! Bumper plates on their own make great tools for working out, building strength, and getting your heart rate up!

Whether you are saving up for a barbell, waiting for it to arrive, or it is just not the right piece of equipment for your space, weight plates of all designs will add so much value and versatility to your workouts even without a barbell.

At Synergee, we sell a number of plates, all of which can be used in the workouts showcased in this blog post! We've got color bumper plates, competition plates, ruck weights, and cast iron plates

If you don't plan to buy a barbell anytime soon, I would recommend purchasing the cast iron plates, ruck plates, or bumper plates out of those listed above. They are the most economical options and will serve your workouts perfectly! 

Workout 1: Ta-bumper-ata

4 x 8-round Tabatas, one immediately after the other
*Note: 1 round of Tabata is 20 seconds of work, 10 seconds of rest*
Tabata 1: Plyo-plate push ups
Tabata 2: Air squats
Tabata 3: Plank with Shoulder Taps
Tabata 4: Overhead Lunges with Plate

Overhead Lunges

Workout 2: Bumper Cars

12 min AMRAP:
10 standing twists
10 pinch grip rows (per side)
10 overhead lunges (per side)
10 plyo pushups

Plyo Plate Push Up

Workout 3: Beach Ready

4 rounds:
20 Pinch Grip Rows
10 Plyo Push-ups
400 M run

Pinch Grip Row


Complete 5 rounds of:
15 standing twists
15 sec Plate hold overhead
10 pinch grip rows per side
15 sec Plate hold in front of body
10 overhead lunges per side
**Must not put the plate down until the full round is completed
**If Plate is dropped, must complete 15 burpees
Rest as needed between rounds

Standing Twists