Returning To The Gym: 3 Tips For Doing It Safely!

by Vikki Schembri
Returning To The Gym: 3 Tips For Doing It Safely!

Gyms are reopening! Yipee, that means everything is returning to normal, right?!

Nope, not quite! As we return to public spaces, we still need to take precautions to keep ourselves and others safe.

If you are planning to return to the gym, we have 3 Safety Tips that you should follow. And be sure to consult your local public health team to understand how your region, specifically, is dealing with COVID.

TIP #1: If you feel sick, stay home!!

This tip should be obvious, but it still needs to be said!

First and foremost, if you feel sick or any COVID 19 symptoms, the gym can wait! Give yourself adequate rest, consult you physicians about getting tested, and stay away from a public space such as the gym.

If you are super eager to workout, a super challenging workout can be done from home and with minimal equipment. Save the gym attendance for when you are feeling healthy so you can get a super effective workout in – and protect others in the process!

TIP #2: Pack your bag accordingly!

Ok, you’ve got your gym shoes, a towel… how about hand sanitizer and disinfectant wipes?

If you are going to use a public gym space, make sure you wash your hands frequently and sanitize/disinfect shared surfaces before and after you use them.

What about glove wearing, you ask? Frequent hand-washing and sanitizing has been recommended by many public health authorities over glove wearing, since gloves can give a false sense of safety.

Reminding yourself to wash your hands frequently keeps you vigilant; and hopefully, it will also remind you to not touch your face between reps without sanitizing first! Plus, have you ever tried to lift with plastic gloves? It sounds AWFUL!

Gyms are known for making people sweat and breathe heavy, so making sure the equipment you are using has been cleaned between you and the last person – and you and the next person – is important.

It’s a pleasant courtesy in the best of times, and an important safety measure in our current times.

TIP #3: Go at off-peak hours!

Many places are in the early phases of reopening and limiting the volume of clientele that are allowed in public spaces at once. Check beforehand if your gym is enforcing these rules; and if they aren’t, it is still a smart precaution to practice  on your own!

If your lifestyle allows it, go to the gym at times it will be less crowded so you can maintain a physical distance between you and others.

Stay safe and stay healthy, Athletes!