No Equipment, Just A Housemate: The Perfect Partner Workout For Isolation!

by Vikki Schembri
No Equipment, Just A Housemate: The Perfect Partner Workout For Isolation!

All you need for this workout is a workout buddy. They can be your child, your roommate, your partner, whoever! We are giving a new definition to “Bodyweight” workout with this lil ditty!

Of course, make sure your workout partner is comfortable with all the movements before you attempt any; and be sure to communicate clearly about when the reps are going to start and end.

And most importantly: have fun 😉


All you need for each of these exercises is a BODY – I mean, a PARTNER! Yes, a partner. Not just a body. That sounds creepy! ANYWAYS…

The following movements will be used in this workout:

  • Fireman Carry
  • Fireman Carry Squats
  • Wheel Barrow Walks
  • Hop Overs

Let's learn how to do each movement!

Fireman Carry

Have your partner stand to your side, facing your right shoulder. Shift your weight to your right leg. Grab your partner’s right hand with your left, and drape it over your shoulder.

With your head under your partner’s right armpit, wrap your arm around the back of his right knee. Squat down and position their body on your shoulders.

Stand up with your partner lying across your shoulders behind your head. Try to equally distribute your partner’s body weight on each side.

You can secure your partner’s body in place by keeping your right arm behind their butt/legs and holding onto their left hand with your left hand. Also ask them to help you out, and hold them self in place!

Walk carefully and calmly with your partner set safely on your shoulders for the required distance To dismount, squat down so your partner can get their feet on the floor and stand up off your shoulders.

Fireman Carry Squats

Get your partner into the Fireman Carry Position. Instead of walking, perform a squat with your partner draped over your shoulders.

If your form becomes compromised during the squat, do not go that low. Do not sacrifice your form for depth; shorten your descent.

If your partner is larger than you/heavier than you are able to squat, simply perform air squats in the workout instead.

Wheelbarrow Walks

Lay on your stomach with your feet lined up with your partner’s as they stand behind you.

Hold a rigid plank-like position; then your partner will bend down, hold you at the ankles, and deadlift up until they are holding your feet at top-deadlift position.

You will resemble a human wheelbarrow. That’s why this workout is called a wheelbarrow walk. Makes sense, right?!

Communicate with your partner about the speed at which you want to travel as you walk forwards on your hands.

Maintain a plank-like position throughout as your partner guides your lower body forward.

Hop Overs

Have your partner sit on the ground with their feet straight out in front of them and their arms straight out.

Communicate whether you want their arms to be higher or lower.

When you are both ready, hop over their outstretched arms. Be sure to change the direction you jump in so you don’t get dizzy!


There's only one thing left to do; and that is:

Get this Workout GOING!


  • 100 m Fireman carry
  • 10 Fireman Carry Squats
  • 50 m Wheel Barrow Walk
  • 10 Fireman Carry Squats
  • 50 m Wheelbarrow Walk
  • 10 Fireman Carry Squats
  • 15 Hop Overs

Enjoy! Stay safe! And keep moving, Athletes!

You're doing awesome!