Which Plate Is Right For Me?!

by Vikki Schembri
Which Plate Is Right For Me?!

You want plates? We got plates!

We’ve got plates on plates on plates!

Which is great! Unless you’re new to the plate game and feeling overwhelmed by all the options there.

But have no fear: we’ll walk you through the options we’ve got; what they are intended for; and which plates you need in your house right NOW!

So grab a protein shake, sit back, and welcome to Weight Plates 101!


Bumper plates are some of our most popular weight plates – and for good reason! These plates can take a beating, and are perfect for people who like to lift a lot and tend to drop their barbell in between.

These Bumper Plates are constructed with virgin rubber and have a metal center. The rubber is dense and results in a low bounce, so when you drop your barbell it is less likely to wreck havoc on your barbell, your home gym, or your fine self!

The standard Bumper Plates are Black with white writing that shows off our logo and weight in pounds.  We make it easy to stock your gym with weight with the option to purchase sets, too!

Bored with black rubber? We also have Color Bumper Plates, and the colors reflect the standard Olympic Weight Color Coding: 10LB (Black), 15LB (Black), 25LB (Green), 35LB (Yellow), 45LB (Blue), 55LB (Red).

Aside from color, these bumper plates have the same design features as our black bumper plates.


Our Cast Iron Weights are composed of – you guessed it – cast iron! They have a black matte finish and a beautiful, textured surface. Cast iron plates are awesome for lifters who use a rack. These plates are not intended to be dropped.

These plates are also really awesome for athletes who like to workout with plates sans barbell – ground to overheads, Russian twists, manmakers, and more! The grips provided around the outside of the weight allows these plates sit firmly in your hands, even when you sweat.

Like with the bumper plates, we also provide the option to purchase in sets!


If you wanna get fancy – and drop your bar – our competition plates check both those boxes! These plates have extra low bounce, and are colored according to the Olympic Weight Color Coding standard.

These plates are great for hard core Olympic lifters, and especially useful for gyms that host lifting competitions! These weights look awesome on the platform and allows onlookers to know what the lifter is cleaning and snatching from afar!

Synergee Competition Plates are only sold in singles on our website.


Our Standard Metal Weight Plates are the newest to the club – and quickly climbing to be the fan favorite! These steel plates have a black matte finish and surrounded by a thick edge to offer a grip for loading and unloading your barbell.

Like the Cast Iron Plates, these are great bang for your buck! But they are best for athletes who lift using a rack and don’t drop the bar often.

These weights sport pound and kilogram markings to let  you know how much you are lifting. They look SLEEK and sport the old school design that lifters have been using for generations.

These plates are sold in pairs and sets so you can buy the plates you need to supplement your current supply, or buy a set to outfit your home gym!


Our final plates we will discuss today are the Fractional and Change Plates! These plates start at 0.125 KG and go up to 2.5 KG. These weights are made for those who want to test their limits in small increments.

These plates make the perfect addition to your existing plate collection. They are brightly colored to display their weight from afar, and they are covered in a rubber coating to provide a firm hold on the bar and protect the steel underneath.

These plates are sold in sets: in Fractional, Change, and Combination Plate Sets.