Why The Battling Rope Is Your New Best Friend: Especially If You Hate Running!

by Vikki Schembri
Why The Battling Rope Is Your New Best Friend: Especially If You Hate Running!

Who hates running, raise your hand?

Ok, I can’t actually see if you’re raising your hand or not; but I think it’s safe to assume 9/10 of you reading are stretching your phalanges into the air or else thinking about it. You remaining 1/10 …. Cool. Keep doing you, you weirdo.

All jokes aside, we all want to be that 1/10 – we all want to love running so much that we actually do it and don’t hide from it.  We all wish the first 5 (or 20) minutes of running didn’t involve our mind telling us, “This sucks, this sucks, you should stop, this sucks”.

Well, there IS an alternative…


May I introduce, Synergee Battling Ropes!

Battle Ropes have been LAUDED for their awesomeness. They are fun to use and provide great results! Dan Saldino, Ryan Reynold’s trainer, refers to them as a “pulse-pushing exercise”. He goes on to say:

“Most cardio modalities are done using your lower body, and you don’t develop endurance in your upper body... The ropes are great for someone who is completely healthy and needs to give lower body a bit of a break, but can also work for people who are recovering from a lower body injury."

These ropes can train your upper body’s power, strength, aerobic capacity, and also build lean body mass. You can “improve your rotational and multi-planar strength and stability, scapular health, force production” and also use them as a tool for decompression, says Vice.

I’m not saying you should completely replace running with Battle Ropes. I’m not saying you can throw out your running shoes and you will never ever have to wear them again.

BUT, if your feet, shins, and mind scream every time you hit the pavement, perhaps you can substitute running with Battle Rope exercises such that your upper and lower body are both getting an even split of cardiovascular exercise!

synergee battling rope in action


Runners Blueprint, a running magazine, is stoked on Battle Ropes and says they are one of the best total body workouts you can do – and working with Battle Ropes should also improve your running!

Imagine that: not running and doing something else can make you better at running, and thus make the process a little less painful overall.


But it’s not magic. It’s exercise. In no way do I want this to imply that exercising with Battle Ropes is easy: it most definitely is not. But, there 6 ways that Battle Ropes are awesome – more awesome than running, some might say – that makes a Battle Rope Exercise easier to be excited about and motivate yourself through:

rope handle close up

1. Ropes are low impact

Running is high impact; so whether you are training to be a better runner or looking for a lower impact alternative, battle ropes are GREAT! All the stress goes to your muscular system, rather than your joints, resulting in less pains and injury!

2. Ropes burn LOTS of calories

Looking to shed some weight? Battle rope exercises are said to burn more calories than heavy resistance training, sprinting, and HIIT!

3. Ropes will work your core!

From your upper abs down to your glutes and quads, your stabilizer muscles and core will become stronger with the Battle Rope! A strong core translates to so many other benefits, and will help you become a better athlete overall!

4. Ropes are safe

As long as you are keeping good form, Battle Ropes will not hurt you! You can drop the ropes and walk away whenever you’re tired. No risk of dropping something heavy on your head or needing to do a dramatic bail!

5. Rope workouts take minimum time

If you are short on time and don’t want to go too far, a battle rope exercise is perfect! 15-20 minutes will leave you gasping.

6. Ropes are user friendly!

Find a sturdy post-like object to put your rope around or set up an anchor point (included with our Battle Rope) and do the wave! No fancy equipment, watches, shoes, or anything required. Heck, you can do it naked if you want! Just, please, PLEASE, do it inside your own home with the windows drawn if you decide to do that!


There you have it!

Battling Ropes are perfect for anyone who wants to get better at running or wants to avoid it just a little bit but still reap the benefits. Either way, battle rope exercises are fun, effective, and addictive.

You can buy yourself a set of Battle Ropes on our website here; and we’ll post some awesome exercises for you to do in the near future!

Catch ya next time, Athletes! Keep up the awesome work!

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