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Synergee Wall Mounted Adjustable Dual Pulley Machine
Synergee Wall Mounted Adjustable Dual Pulley Machine
Synergee Wall Mounted Adjustable Dual Pulley Machine
Synergee Wall Mounted Adjustable Dual Pulley Machine
Synergee Wall Mounted Adjustable Dual Pulley Machine
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Synergee Wall Mounted Adjustable Dual Pulley Machine

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Synergee Wall Mounted Adjustable Dual Pulley Machine

Our Wall Mounted Adjustable Dual Pulley Machine will elevate your home gym to commercial gym-levels of functionality and aesthetics. This cable machine attachment comes with everything you need for a stellar and hard-hitting workout without requiring you to leave home.

The Synergee Wall Mounted Adjustable Dual Pulley Machine has your home in mind. The machine is 79.2” high to accommodate most ceilings; and sits on a 28.2” by 30.9” base to provide the most exercises with the smallest footprint. Plus, the mounts are designed to accommodate baseboards, trim mouldings, and you can even store barbells or other gym equipment in the gap between your pulley machine and the wall behind it!

Pulley Machines are an athlete’s favorite because their uncomplicated design provides fast set up, straightforward mechanics, and easy-to-adjust capacities that suit so many different fitness needs! This system comes with loading pins that can hold 1”- and 2”-opening weight plates. It provides 2 versatile nylon handles that attach with carabiners, which can accommodate most other cable machine handles. Installation is fast and mounting can be done directly to wall studs in 4 spots: bolts and instructions are provided.


Your home doesn’t just house your home gym; it’s also your sanctuary. And we respect that! We want to keep it in tip top shape while also providing equipment that will let you go full beast mode. So our machine’s steel feet are covered with rubber to prevent scratches and scuffs.


Get a full body workout that can adjust for upper-body, lower-body, and core sweat sessions! With 17 different pulley positions, you can adjust the machine as needed to fit your specific goals and workout routine. Move it to the right place, lock it into place, and get PULLING!


This Pulley System has been designed with your home in mind. Most home gyms have baseboards or trim mouldings that would make other Pully Machines difficult to install. But our Machine provides an elevated mounting bar that will allow you to mount to your wall with ease!

Wall Mounted Pulley Machine Specs

Brand Synergee
Capacity 200lb
Dimensions 30.9" x 28.2" x 79.2"
Plate Compatibility 1" & 2"
Material Steel
Color Black


Our Pulley System has got commercial-gym level features, but it’s made for your home! Take the loading pins – these pins can hold 1”- and 2”-opening plates. AND, they have a weight capacity of 200 lbs. Load it up and chase those gains!


The Synergee Pulley System allows you to bring the most popular and versatile gym equipment home! Mount this machine in your home and you’ve added hundreds of potential exercises to your workout routine. Bring all the benefits of the commercial gym to your garage, living room, or other home gym space.


Our Pulley System comes with two nylon handles that you can use for a plethora of exercises. They attach to the machine with carabiners; and these carabiners provide a universal attachment point for most cable machine handles, too! Use a range of Cable Handles on this machine to get the most out of your workouts!

Comparison Chart
Synergee Lat Pulldown Machine Synergee Wall Mounted Pulley Machine
Lat Pulldown Machine Wall Mounted Pulley Machine
Capacity 250 LB 200 LB
Compatible Weight Plates 1" & 2" 1" & 2"
Wall Mounted No Yes