Ruck It Up: Your New Favorite Workout

by Vikki Schembri
Ruck It Up: Your New Favorite Workout

When's the last time you rucked? Never? EVER?! 

You've been missing out, my friend. Let me tell you about our Ruck Weights! 

Firstly, as of today (April 1), our Ruck plates are still in stock in Canada as well as the States

This equipment may be less conventional than your barbell or dumbbells... but, Gosh Darn, is it effective! The world's fittest have been using it for decades...


Rucking is an exercise that is foundational to special forces training. Military soldiers fill their rucksack (i.e. backpacks) with provisions and equipment and carry them for miles on end. Sometimes their bags weigh over 100 lbs!

Rucksacks = heavy back packs (i.e. sacks) that are filled with... well...  “Ruck”, I guess! And that's how Ruck Weights were born!

They have made their way into the mainstream as civilians have realized:
a) they hate regular cardio; and
b) they strongly respect military personnel and want to be strong like them.

And with that, RUCKING has become "a thing".

As Rucking became popular – i.e. carrying a backpack full of weight, either alone or in groups of people - Ruck plates became necessary since having a flat, set weight is much easier to load into a backpack and carry.

Remember carrying a packed backpack to school and how things painfully poked into your back as you walked 5 miles to school, uphill both ways?

Ugh, the worst!

No need to stuff a bunch of random things awkwardly into a pack so it maybe weighs 10-20 lbs! Be accurate, efficient and comfortable with RUCK PLATES! 

Image by Hugo Wong from Pixabay


Are you interested in working out and challenging your body to carry a weight over a distance with the utmost efficiency? 

Is that question sorta vague and applicable to nearly any athlete?


Ruck Weights will be great for you, no matter your fitness level.

The benefits of working out with ruck weight are: 

  • It is a simple and cheap way to workout
  • It is less impact on your joints and builds upper body strength better than running does, while also burning more calories than just walking
  • Rucking with others builds a sense of community and adds a lovely social aspect to the physical benefits of becoming stronger, fitter, and faster (although, at this time, remember to keep at least 2 m apart from your fellow Ruck Buddies!)
  • You can workout outside or indoors
  • Aside from walking with a Ruck Weight in your backpack, the handles allow you to pull/press/clean/swing the weight much like you would a dumbbell!
  • And did we mention they are IN STOCK IN USA AND THE CANADA SYNERGEE STORES?! Yup, a BIG benefit is that in this time of high demand, Ruck Weights can scratch your workout-at-home itch! 

For example, if you’re looking for a good workout, doing a 20-minute walk and sprinkling in a few Russian twists, burpees, and clean and jerks with the plate will definitely do the trick.

If you are interested in an Official Rucking Challenge, they are a little more extreme: the “Light” challenge is 4-5 hours, 7-10 miles, with 10 lbs or 20 lbs. The Heavy challenge is 24+ hours, 40+ miles, with 20 lbs or 30 lbs. Wowza.

If you've got the time to do it, throw some weight on your back and have at 'er! Take them outside, or set up an obstacle course to step over and under in your living room.

Either way, these Ruck Weights will make you sweat; make your heart race; and make your body ache tomorrow. And that's all you want and more from your workouts, right?

Check them out! And if you have any questions, we are standing by on Facebook and Instagram - @synergeefit - to answer them!

Stay healthy & safe, Athletes!