Sandbagging It: 4 Powerful Moves To Do With Your Synergee Sandbag

by Vikki Schembri
Sandbagging It: 4 Powerful Moves To Do With Your Synergee Sandbag

For some reason, “sandbagging” has been associated with a negative action. Urban Dictionary defines it as: To deliberately perform at a lower level than you are capable of.

But you know what? I bet they never encountered our Synergee Sandbags!

At Synergee, we are revolutionizing fitness by providing top quality products at prices that athletes can actually afford. And now we’re taking that one step further by revolutionizing what “sandbagging” means.

Our Synergee Sandbags never under perform. Not only that: they will encourage you to perform to the highest level you are capable, maybe even better than you ever thought you could!

And in this post, we’re going to share 4 awesome movements you can do with your Sandbag! Let’s get it!

1: The Deadlift

1) Begin standing with the Sandbag laying in front of you and your feet just outside hip-width. Push your hips back, bend your knees, and maintain a neutral spine as you lower to reach the top Sandbag handles. Hold it with your palms facing each other.

2) Keeping your lats engaged and your back in a neutral position, start standing with the Sandbag. Keep it close to your body.

3) Fully extend you knees and hips, and then lower the sandbag back down to the ground in the opposite way you lifted it.

2:  Clean & Press

1) Start the move the same way you did the Deadlift. But, when the Sandbag is at your knee, extend your hips quickly and shrug your shoulders to transition into the racked position. Land the bag on your chest under your chin. Your palms will be on the outside of the bag, facing away from you.

2) Stand up fully with the bag in the racked position. Bend your knees just slightly and quickly come back to standing by extending your knees and hips as you press the sandbag overhead. Fully extend your arms.

3) Bring the bag to your shoulders, flip it down to your hips, then lower it back to the floor using similar technique you used to start the movement, but in the reverse order. Touch the sandbag to the ground, and you move into the next reps.

3: Squats

1) Stand with your feet shoulder-width apart. Rest the Sandbag on your right shoulder. Place your right hand on top on the middle of the bag and slide your left hand into the front handle on the Sandbag.

2) Sit your hips back and descend into the squat. Keep your knees tracking over your feet and support the weight by keeping your chest upright and core engaged. Descend until your hips are slightly lower than your knees.

3) Drive your heels into the ground and return to standing position. Switch the bag to the other shoulder and complete another squat.

4: Swings

1) Stand with your feet at shoulder width apart, toes slightly out, and use the top handles to hold the sandbag between your legs.

2) Sit your hips slightly back, keep your back straight, and then thrust your hips forward and squeeze your butt to start your initial swing.

3) On this initial swing, don't worry about gaining height. Let the bag come back down between your legs and push your hips back a bit further this time.

4) Push your hips forward again to start a second swing; and this time, fully extend your hips and use momentum (i.e. DO NOT pull with your arms) to swing the sandbag up to eye level.

5) Guide the bag back down & through your legs. Cushion it by setting your hips back, and use this movement to set up for your next swing.

A Bit More Info About Our Sandbags

We offer two sizes of Sandbag with 2 different load capacities. Our Pro Sandbag can hold up to 40 lbs and includes (2) loadable 20 lb-capacity bags to fill the Sandbag with. Our Elite Sandbag can hold up to 60 pounds and it comes with (2) loadable 30-lb-capacity bags. Each bag is made from strong waterproof nylon cordura, triple stitched throughout to promise utmost durability, and fitted with premium Velcro and zipper fastenings that are easy to open but remain closed when in use. 

Plus, with our lifetime warranty, you can order with confidence knowing we’ve got your back! Order one for yourself HERE

There you go, Athletes! Make sure you Synergee Sandbag it at your next workout 😉

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