Move More With Or At The Office!

by Vikki Schembri
Move More With Or At The Office!

Hey Athletes,

I feel like we have a lot in common. I feel like one of those things might be a shared love for The Office. I wouldn’t be surprised if 95% of the average viewer rate for all of Netflix’s shows was owed to The Office.

And maybe, like me, you turn to The Office when you are bored or get home from work or when you are looking for a socially acceptable situation in which you can “accidentally” consume an entire bag of chips (Whoops!). I usually turn it on when I know I should be doing something more active and I'm avoiding moving.

So if you watch like I do, I suggest you turn your tendency of watching The Office like a zombie occasionally laughing in a deadpan tone and mindlessly eating, to a FUN, DYNAMIC, WORKING OUT WHILE WATCHING STYLE!

Clear an area in front of your TV and get ready to sweat! Grab your Core Sliders and Mini Bands! They are all you need!

This game works like those popular drinking games – but without the threat of liver cirrhosis or a horrible hangover the next day. When characters say or do something listed on the chart below, you follow it with the corresponding exercise! Have fun!


When THIS Happens

YOU Do This

Opening Credits

Flutter kicks (the entire time)

*if you watch more than one episode, during the next intro do a Plank
*three episodes? Wall squat!

Michael says, “That’s what she said”

5 Burpees

An office phone rings

5 reverse lunges (w/ sliders)

Someone is called into Michael's office or everyone is called to the conference room

10 banded monster walks
10 calf raises

Dwight talks about Beets, Bears, or Battlestar Galactica

7 push-ups

Angela mentions her cats (earlier seasons) or The Senator (later seasons)

5 glute bridges

5 Russian twists

Jim looks/shrugs/raises his eyebrows at the camera

10 banded squats

10 banded clam shells

Kevin giggles

10 banded bicep curls

Michael says something inappropriate

3 body saws (on elbows, sliders under feet)

Stanley is annoyed or talks about going home

5 jumping squats

5 jumping jacks

Your Own Office Workout

Before we go, here are some exercises to do at your own office! It’s always great to switch things up if you find yourself being sedentary for long periods of time – just like you (used to) do when you watch The Office (before I gave you this awesome workout game to do instead)!

You can turn this into a game, too… maybe every time Sharon from accounting asks you to sign something you do 20 seated leg extensions!

Although, that might get awkward if every time Sharon walks by you start kicking your legs out. Instead, I suggest you set a timer so every hour you are notified to change your position.

Whether you or sitting or standing for long periods of time, move a body part that hasn't moved in a while to keep your blood flowing & relieve stiffness.

Alternate between walking to the bathroom, the coffee machine, doing a lap around your workspace, or even running one flight of stairs. It doesn’t need to make you lose your breath; just move!  While walking around, be sure to stand tall and bring your shoulders back. Be mindful of your posture by keeping your chest and shoulders from caving forward, which tends to happen when you sit for long periods of time.

Some discrete movements you can do at your work space (i.e. without your coworkers looking at you funny) also include:

  • Seated straight-leg raises
  • Calf raises
  • "Running" or toe-tapping on the spot (most discrete if done while sitting)
  • Shoulder Shrugs & Retractions
  • Seated Thread the Needle Stretch
  • Glute Squeezes

Raise your legs, squeeze your butt, shrug your shoulders, and exercise yourself away from a sedentary work life!

Just keep moving!

...That's what she said.